City votes to annex 44 acres; zones the area R-3 Residential

The Manchester Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted Sept. 1 to annex 44 acres of property owned by Robert Willis and Mark Willis located near Ester Lane in Manchester. The board also voted to zone the property as R-3 Residential. R-3 is a medium-density residential district, allowing for single detached homes and duplex dwellings, according to documents provided by Jamie Sain, director of Manchester Codes Department.  

It not clear yet how the property will be developed.

“We have not received any construction plans, so I am not sure exactly what the developer is planning to do,” Sain said. “In the Planning Commission meeting, the developer stated that single-family houses would be built.”

When developers present construction plans, there will be information about the number of buildings planned.

“I believe the developer was waiting for the annexation and rezoning to be approved before submitting subdivision plats and construction plans,” Sain said.

A small part of that area has experienced flooding issues.

“Only a very small portion of the 44 acres is located in the floodplain, which is shown on one of the attached maps,” Sain said.