Coffee Chat

Taylor Rayfield

How long have you been involved with FRC?

This is my sixth year with Coffee County Schools and my fourth year serving as Coordinator of Family Resource Center (FRC).


How does FRC help the community?

Coffee County Schools Family Resource Center (FRC), a competitive state program celebrating its 26th year in the school district, provides an array of innovative tiered systems of support through key initiatives that focus on eliminating all barriers that hinder the social, personal, physical, and academic well-being of every student.

Programs designed to eliminate basic need insecurities; awareness and support around mental health; case management services; empowerment opportunities for parents; professional development for staff focused on whole child supports; and community engagement.


What is your favorite part of the program?

Having the opportunity to serve our students, families, and community through all of our various programs is one of the highest honors.


How can the community help?

Each of our strategic programs solicits community support. We have opportunities where you contribute both tangibly or monetarily. If you are interested in supporting Coffee County Schools Family Resource Center, give my office a call (931) 222-1066 or email me at


What are some other local programs you’re involved with?

Currently, I serve as the President of Manchester Rotary Club; Ambassador for Manchester Chamber of Commerce; Represent Education on Manchester Economic Development Board; Board Member for Dusty Elam Foundation; and Sportsmen & Businessmen Charitable Organization.


How do these programs help the community?

Manchester Rotary Club is a civic organization that focuses on its community through various philanthropic efforts. Through its ‘Service Above Self’ mission, Manchester Rotary Club works to eradicate polio, train skilled peacemakers, and provide lasting solutions for communities fighting disease, hunger, illiteracy, and poverty.

Manchester Chamber of Commerce is our hub for our growing community. As an Ambassador, we work as a liaison between Chamber members, the community, and staff.

Manchester Economic Develop Board is a newly formed board by the City of Manchester. This board is charged with working alongside City Officials to aggressively develop and solicit economic development opportunities.

Both the Dusty Elam Foundation and Sportsmen & Businessmen’s Charitable Organization are two entities with a mission to serve the less fortunate, assist children with special needs, and support those who experience difficult times.


What are some of your favorite things about these programs?

The various organizations I have the privilege of working alongside indicate the commitment and passion to strengthen, develop, and grow our community, as well as serve and give back to others. We are fortunate community.

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