Lynn Anthony

Usually it is the little things that impact us the most in life.

I was having a normal day – got up, fed the chickens and the dogs, made the bed, some housekeeping, some painting –just a normal day.

Around noon I got hungry and went to the pantry. From out of the blue as I reached for the bread, it hit me. I scanned my pantry and couldn’t believe all the items that were in there.

It was almost embarrassing. My pantry was crammed with so many things.

The thought came over me like a warm sunny day – I am so blessed.

I was overwhelmed with gratitude.

For so long I had taken for granted these simple items that bless my life.

My shelves were stocked with so many things. Each shelf of that closet was packed. There were double and triples of almost everything in my pantry.

Then I noticed there were even double and triple bags of dog food and dog treats.

The things that most of us take for granted are hugely lacking in the lives of so many around us.

It dawned on me that I had never gone to bed hungry. My children had never gone to bed hungry. My dogs have never gone to sleep hungry.

In a time where we are all so concentrated on political parties, who is right and who is wrong, and dividing people rather than bringing them together, I hope that this little message makes you think.

What is it in your life that you’re grateful for? Are there things that you take for granted?

I know for certain that I take many things for granted. Maybe if we all slow down and look around we will see the blessings in front of us?

After taking inventory of my own blessings I couldn’t help but wonder how I could help others.

The first step is acknowledging the things in our lives that bless us. From there perhaps we can become aware of those same things lacking in others’ lives around us.

Let’s all remember to live consciously. Going through the motions is not good enough.

What can we do to bless others today?

Maybe it is sharing a meal with a friend in need. Maybe it is caring for someone who is ill. Maybe a friend needs support for an unspoken need. Maybe there is an animal that needs love.

If we begin with acknowledging the gifts in our own lives I think we may be more willing to share it with others.

It is not easy to change. It is easy to continue doing what we have always done.

Sometimes we need little wakeup calls to point us in a new direction.

Mine happened today when I reached for some bread in my pantry. I will not take for granted the blessings in my life.

Instead, I will look for reminders of all the good things in my life, for when being faced directly with blessings it is harder not to share my own good will.