Mike Lewis

My association with the courts began while sweeping floors at the Manchester Arts Center (MAC) with Judge Tim Brock.

Our children were involved in a production at the MAC and the judge and I became acquainted as we used our talents cleaning the theater.

Through a variety of events and that connection with Judge Brock, I began working with our treatment program as it launched in April of 2005.

The goal of the Coffee County Drug Court Foundation is to create a safer community by more efficiently using resources available to the criminal justice system to eliminate or significantly lower the number of criminal offenses committed by persons who have substance use problems.

Our treatment courts are committed to assisting with intervention, treatment and recovery of offenders who desire to change the circumstances of their lives and break the vicious cycle of drug dependency and addiction.

Passion for battling addiction

From an early age, my parents modeled the importance of helping people and I believe their choices to value every person, equally, is the foundation for the person that I continue to attempt to become today.

There is a quote from the Annie Sullivan in the play about Helen Keller that probably best captures the motivation of those of us who work in the field of substance abuse:

“Can nothing be done to disinter this human soul (speaking of Helen Keller)? The whole neighborhood would rush to save this woman if she were buried alive by the caving in of a pit, and labor with zeal until she were dug out. Now if there were one who had as much patience as zeal, he might awaken her (Helen) to a consciousness of her immortal – the chance is small indeed, but with a smaller chance they would have dug desperately for her in the pit. And is the life and the soul of less importance than that of the body.”

Every day, I am blessed to join a team of professionals committed to helping others escape from the “pit of addiction” as they discover or rediscover their value as people and children of our creator.