The August 2 election, which wrapped up county and city campaigns and narrowed down the list of candidates for state government, had a larger voter turnout than previous years.

This year’s election brought in 11,678 of Coffee County’s registered 31,150 voter base. That means 37.5 percent of the eligible population showed up to the polls. Over half of the 11,678 came from early voting and absentee (6,076 and 177 respectively).

Coffee County Elections Commission Administrator Vernita Davis said this turnout was what they were expecting and they are very happy with it.

“It was very good, turnout was good,” she said.

Overall, this year saw a 3 percent increase from Aug. 7, 2014’s general election.

Unsurprisingly, there was a large increase in voter turnout as compared to the May primary, which only featured county candidates. In May, less than 20 percent of the county’s registered voter base went to the polls.

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