Traffic map Exit 111

With the inaugural Exit 111 – set for Oct. 11-13 –approaching, The Times reached out to Tim Sweetwood, festival director, to find out what locals should know.

With Exit 111 held at the Great Stage Park, home to Bonnaroo Music and Art Festival, and with local and state agencies handling traffic and coordinating efforts for years, the process is expected to go smoothly.

There are some differences, though, between the two events.

No free tickets for locals; discounts will be offered

For years, Bonnaroo has offered complimentary tickets to some of the residents who live or work near the Great Stage Park.

Locals can purchase discounted tickets.

“This discount is only available to Coffee County residents with an address verified on their driver’s license,” said Sweetwood. “This discount is only available to Coffee County residents with an address verified on their driver’s license. There are no complimentary tickets for Exit 111.”

Locals can purchase discounted tickets at 401 Wilson Ave., Tullahoma.

Partnering with local groups

For years, Bonnaroo has offered a chance to Coffee County groups to have booths at the festival and to raise funds and awareness for their worthy causes.

At this time, it’s not clear which local nonprofits will have a chance to partner with Exit 111.

“We have partnered with SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education), Harmonium as well as veteran acknowledgments, and other partnerships that are in process for this year’s event,” Sweetwood said. “Our concessionaire also utilizes many local groups to staff food and bev booths.

“We are not accepting applications for any additional organizations at this time.”

Handling traffic

Officials expect a downsized version of Bonnaroo.

Ragsdale Road and Bushy Branch Road will be the entrance and exit roads for Exit 111.

The state is not going to open Exit 112 (the temporary exit on westbound side only).

Why should locals go?

“Exit 111 brings over 45 rock and metal bands to Great Stage Park,” Sweetwood said. “Great music combined with experiences like the Paranormal Cirque, Redbull Freestyle Motocross, Exit 111 Car show, Mega Sports Bar and more can’t be missed.

“We are excited to bring another event to Manchester, Coffee County, and the State of Tennessee.”

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