Fire truck christening

As per a tradition from the 1800s, the new fire truck is christened by the old before being put into service. Manchester Fire Rescue received a custom built new fire truck on Tuesday, Oct. 2 and christened it on Monday, Oct. 8. The old truck, which was built in 1992, will remain in service in another county department.

Manchester Fire Rescue received their first custom built fire engine last week and christened it on Monday, Oct. 8.

The truck was designed by the department, for the department; it sprays 1,500 gallons a minute, holds 1,000 gallons in its rescue engine, a light tower that can illuminate anything in a 360 degree radius, an automated ladder rack that raises and lowers the ladder to the top of the truck, LED lights and three times the storage capacity of any other truck in their department.

“This truck right here will make our job 100 percent safer,” said Fire Chief George Chambers.

To celebrate its arrival, the department upheld a 200-year-old tradition. The 1992 firetruck, which is being replaced by the new one, sprayed down the 2018 vehicle. After being christened, the fire fighters pushed the truck into the Hillsboro Boulevard Fire Department.

The 1992 truck is not being decommissioned. Despite it being 26 years old, the truck was the most reliable on in the department, Chambers explained. It still runs well and gave Manchester no issues. Because of this, it will be put in use by another county fire department.

The new truck will be put in service once everything is mounted, stored and everyone is trained on how to use it. Chambers hopes it will be ready to begin its 24-hour shifts as soon as next week.

Chambers said “it feels good” to finally have it in the department. He’s been looking forward to seeing it in the hall for months. 

The custom truck cost the city $487,161. The next truck will be replaced in approximately two years. It will be the city’s 1994 engine. 


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