The Franklin County School Board conducts business Tuesday during a special-called meeting.

The Franklin County School Board unanimously approved Tuesday to begin the process to remove tenured Clark Memorial special-education teacher Gwendolyn Rogers from her position following a series of incidences deemed not in accordance with system policies.

The vote confirmed that the board agrees that the charges for dismissal are true and that Rogers would be suspended without pay.

School Board Chair CleiJo Walker said Rogers will have 30 days to appeal the action before any final determination is made about her removal.

Rogers did not attend the meeting that was specifically set to deal with the issue.

The charges for dismissal were covered in a 10-page legal document the board was given to consider.

The allegations state that Rogers:

• Used inappropriate behavioral strategies with students, including inappropriate restraint procedures and physically grabbing students.

• Left students unattended.

• Failed to immediately retrieve students who had left the classroom, resulting in them being unattended.

• Failed to adhere to board policies and procedures, particularly in regard to special-education laws.

• Directly violated Individual Education Program criteria for special-education students.

• Canceled classes without authority or approval.

• Demonstrated unprofessional conduct by making unkind and demeaning comments to students on multiple occasions.

• Demonstrated unprofessional conduct by making disrespectful and disparaging remarks to colleagues.

• Demonstrated unprofessional conduct by making disrespectful and disparaging remarks about colleagues to students’ parents.

The charges for dismissal state that Rogers had been transferred often as a result of performance issues, and Clark was the ninth system school she had been relocated to.

The charges list 10 instances where Rogers allegedly violated policy or had allegedly acted improperly according to her job-requirement standards.