Recently, New Union received a grant from American Heart Association. This grant and with the help of the PTO, the school  has added a Fitness Course to its playground.

Distance learning due to Covid-19 has physical education and health education reshaping many school districts, including New Union. To best meet the unique needs of our students we have adapted, repurposed and use new resources to provide a safe environment. All the while providing student's with an opportunity to be fit physically and mentally.

Our Fitness Course, has five stations to provide the elements of a well-rounded fitness program. Focusing on the students ability to build endurance and strength with muscled fitness. Supporting their over all health and wellness by balance, flexibility, aerobic and core fitness. Keeping their lungs and heart functioning at optimum levels. Each station has a sign to introduce the student to which part of fitness they are working on. The signs challenge the students with performing at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Our impact is to support the whole student's education, emotional and physical needs. By using the fitness course it's a great opportunity for students and families to improve their overall well-being.