Hickerson Station improves insurance rating

Hickerson Station Volunteer Fire Department has dropped an ISO number, going from 6/10 to 5/10. What does this mean? That’s dollars homeowners get to keep in their pockets from lower home insurance premiums.

“For homeowners and businesses it means additional savings on some insurance policies,” explained Franklin McCown, Assistant Chief of Hickerson Station VFD. “We have been working hard to lower our ISO number for years now. Now all that hard work has finally paid off. We have increased our training hours, increased our hydrant and hose testing. While we are happy with this drop, we are still continuing to improve our operations every day.”

Hickerson Station covers about 55 square miles between Tullahoma and Manchester and extends all the way down to Barton Springs and George Dickel distillery. These changes in ISO will be effective this week on Feb. 1.

The Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (which is the rating that led to the lower ISO) is a manual containing the criteria ISO uses in reviewing the fire prevention and fire suppression capabilities of individual communities or fire protection areas. The schedule measures the major elements of a community’s fire protection system and develops a numerical grading called a Public Protection Classification (PPC®). The FSRS lists a large number of items (facilities and practices) that a community should have to fight fires effectively. The schedule is performance based and assigns credit points for each item. Using the credit points and various formulas, ISO calculates a total score on a scale of 0 to 105.5.

To receive certain PPC ratings, a community must meet minimum criteria. After a community meets those criteria, the PPC rating depends on the community’s score on the point scale.

The FSRS considers three main areas of a community’s fire suppression system: emergency communications, fire department (including operational considerations), and water supply. In addition, it includes a Community Risk Reduction section that recognizes community efforts to reduce losses through fire prevention, public fire safety education, and fire investigation.