After three months without a quorum, the Historical Zoning Commission took action.

In May, the HZC approached the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to begin an absenteeism policy and in June, they acted on the new policy to remove two members: John Mancini and Scott Van Velsor. BOMA approved the removal during the Tuesday, June 4 meeting.

The absenteeism policy gives the HZC power to recommend the removal of members for three unexcused absences.

“I want to make very clear this is based off of attendance, this is not retaliatory in any way or in any circumstances outside of this. This is (the HZC’s) control, not mine,” said Alderman Ryan French. French is currently in a legal battle with Van Velsor over a tourism issues and wanted to make it clear his vote is not related to it tourism.

The HZC is in charge of approving or rejecting design ideas (signage, windows, building alterations) in the historic zone, which is located in downtown Manchester. 

Removing Mancini and Van Velsor allows BOMA to open applications for new members. Anyone interested can contact Sage Keele at

Van Velsor did not wish to comment at this time and Mancini did not respond to requests for comment as of publication. 

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