License of Manchester doctor reprimanded

The Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners has reprimanded the license of Dr. Ronald L. Williams, of Manchester, for failing to make medical records available for inspection by a department of health investigator.

According to the department of health’s November Disciplinary Action Report, Williams failed to make medical records available for inspection or copying by an investigator after receiving a written request during an authorized investigation.

Williams’ license has been reprimanded, with civil penalty of $500 and the costs of prosecuting the case.

Williams was the subject of a $708,000 medical malpractice settlement paid on Sept. 27, 2018 related to his treatment of a patient with testosterone replacement therapy, and he didn’t provide his medical records to investigators after receiving a written request during the investigation, according to a consent order between the department of health and Williams signed in November.

The listed grounds for discipline include unprofessional conduct, related to the malpractice settlement.

It’s also stated in the consent order “health care providers shall make their medical records available for inspection and copying by the department of health or its representatives” upon a written request made by the department’s investigators.  

The department of health issues summaries of disciplinary actions taken against health professionals and unlicensed individuals every month.

A reprimand is an official public record of discipline. It does not restrict the licensee’s ability to practice.

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