Randy Brown

Randy Brown, a pastor at First Methodist Church in Manchester, wrote “For the Crown: Stories and Lessons of Service, Struggle and Glory from a Sports Team Chaplain.”

A local pastor with a passion for sports and making a positive influence decided to accept his wife’s challenge and write a book to spread advice on how others can do the same.

Randy Brown, a United Methodist Pastor at First Methodist Church in Manchester, wrote “For the Crown: Stories and Lessons of Service, Struggle and Glory from a Sports Team Chaplain.” Becoming an author wasn’t his idea – his wife Rachel challenged him to do it.

“I had been doing what I write about in the book as far as a chaplain or character coach as far as athletic teams…really since I started in the ministry,” Brown said.

“She challenged me to write a book about what I learned, the struggles, the victories, what I learned,” he continued. “If it can help somebody else in try to do that same sort of thing, that would be what I’m after.”

The book is about how life occurs with people in someone’s realm of influence and how to do life with them, Brown explained. He believes people need to walk with those in their circle of influence and help them through their difficulties.

“You never know what kind of influence you’re going to have, you never know who you’re going to have the opportunity to  influence,” Brown said.

 Though his book was written to connect with athletes and sports fans, as Brown is a chaplain for sporting teams, initial reactions surprised him. He explained people from all ages and backgrounds enjoyed his book and connected with it. The book is written from a Christina point of view.

The summary reads as follows: “In a world where there is so much fierce competition for winning the role of a chaplain and or character coach is that of being a behind the scenes confidant and friend to coaches, players, and others in the program. The lessons, struggles, victories, and strategies, taught in ‘For the Crown’ can be applied to any situation in life where a person seeks to walk with another person and point them toward the Heavenly Father who awards the crown. This is person to person relational evangelism in its truest form.”

The book goes through lessons such as being sure to love the game and how to be a team chaplain and relates each lesson to passages in the Bible.  

When it comes to being an influence, Brown explained it is all about keeping the crown the main thing.

 “The basics behind the book is, a friend of mine, one of the coaches, an Indianapolis coach when they won the Super Bowl back in 2007, when he spoke…he talked about how much the Super Bowl ring that he had, how much that meant to him,” Brown explained. “But more than the ring, he was striving for the crown of righteousness. The rings will fade and tarnish and will be put in a drawer, but the crown is something that’s eternal. I think that keeps the main thing the main thing.”

“For the Crown,” which is 10 chapters and 68 pages long, took Brown one year to write and 10 months to finalize with the publisher, Newman Springs. The writing process was easy for Brown – he just sat down and ideas kept flowing. He admitted he may not have written the book if he had known what went into getting it published, but now that “For the Crown” is out there, he is thinking about doing it again.

“It feels good. It really feels good. I think at some point down the road, I’ll write another one,’ he said.

He dedicated the book to his wife, his two daughters, Randa and Reesa, and his uncle Homer D. Heard.

His book can be purchased at First Methodist Church for $12, which includes taxes, or on Amazon.com.

About the author

Brown grew up in McMinnville and had grandparents in Manchester. His grandfather had a barber shop and his grandmother ran a beauty shop right next door. He moved to the area five years ago, after being assigned to First Methodist Church.

He’s served the Middle Tennessee area for 41 years.

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Casey recently joined the Manchester Times team in March 2018. Coming off a 17-month reporter stint in Port Chester, NY, she is looking forward to slowing down and integrating herself into the community. She currently resides in Manchester.

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