After five months, Cherrie Fletcher is starting to tear down the remains of her home, which burned on Jan. 13. During the time of the fire, Fletcher was asleep on her couch. Her dog, Hopi Grace, woke her up and dragged her to the door.

Now, she is looking to clean up the property. On Wednesday, May 15, Fletcher will be getting a dumpster to begin the tear down process. Although she is no longer confined to a wheelchair, she is still using a walker and going through physical therapy, so heavy lifting is not possible for her. Because of this, Fletcher and her family are asking for community help. The metal has been removed and just the wood frame and floors remain.

The dates for the cleanup are Friday, May 17 through Sunday, May 19.

Fletcher would like to thank everyone who has helped and donated for the new trailer.

“(I’m) asking the community for help please. I just got out of my wheelchair last month and am on a walker, and I really need the community for their help so I can get a home back on my property.  God bless those who can help us out,” she said.

The address is 1230 Ramsey Road. Fletcher can be reached at 931-414-9180.

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Casey recently joined the Manchester Times team in March 2018. Coming off a 17-month reporter stint in Port Chester, NY, she is looking forward to slowing down and integrating herself into the community. She currently resides in Manchester.

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