Ransomware attack hits Coffee County Sheriff's Department

Warning this story contains graphic content 

A Hillsboro man faces aggravated cruelty to animal charges after he allegedly cut the heart out of a dog in order to appease demons during some type of ritual.

The suspect, Brandon Lee Lankford could face a year behind bars if he is convicted of the incident which was uncovered when Coffee County officers arrived to the Hillsboro area of the county to look into allegations that a domesticated animal had been slaughtered.

“Upon arrival officers observed a small dog, deceased, outside,” the felony warrant reads against Lankford who reported admitted to the killing when questioned by lawmen. “He admitted to stabbing the do to rid demons from the house.”

Officers went on to describe Lankford’s explanation for his actions as a type of ritual which he conducted in front of witnesses.

“The heart was cut out of the dog and he was gathering blood from the dog,” officers revealed. “All of this had been carried out in the presence of four adults and one minor who observed the actions.”

Lankford’s case is set to be heard at preliminary hearing in General Sessions Court at which time the matter could be continued, settled, heard at preliminary hearing or bound to the grand jury for transfer to circuit court.