Man stabbed in eye during altercation

According to a preliminary Manchester Police report, a local man was stabbed during an altercation that occurred while he was helping a female obtain some belongings at an ex-boyfriend’s residence.

Multiple police units responded Jan. 9 to a reported stabbing during an ongoing incident on Shelton Road. The stabbing victim (name withheld) reported to police that another male, later identified as Joseph McGary, had jumped him.

According to the report, McGary, when questioned by officers, told police that he had stabbed the victim but that it was in self-defense. He then told police that he arrived home to find his belongings out in the yard and that the other male threatened to flatten all of his tires.

McGary said that he came outside to call the police and the male jumped on him and started punching him. He grabbed the knife and started swinging it to get the other man off him.

When questioned by the police, the female, said to have witnessed the incident, told officers that she was there retrieve her belongings that were thrown outside. She said that while collecting them, McGary returned home and pushed her down the stairs. She alleges that he then threw a car seat at her.

The other male then got out of his vehicle and an altercation ensued. The female said that McGary charged the other man and stuck him in the face with something and then the man fell to the ground and blood went everywhere.

Police questioned the injured man further while waiting for him to be air lifted to Vanderbilt Hospital. The man told police that he had gotten the upper hand in the fight and positioned himself atop McGary who had his hands up. As they were getting up, the injured man said that he felt something sharp poke his side and then was stabbed in the left eye.

The McGary was transported to Coffee County Jail and served with an aggravated assault. The knife was logged into evidence.