Manchester resident is asking who is responsible for the flooding issues at his house and neighborhood.  When Brandon Hughes bought the home at 282 Forrestwood Dr., Manchester, that was almost completed, he was given documents and told that the area was not at high risk for flooding, he said.

However, his yard is often under water and no one is taking responsibility, said Hughes.  

“The house was built and finished in June of 2019,” Hughes said.

Almost the whole street has flooding issues, “but the new eight houses they built here get the worst,” said Hughes.

Hughes said he was never told about potential flooding.

According to Hughes, officials with Manchester City codes department “told us that it was not a flood plain and we should have no flooding issues and that flood insurance isn't even offered over there, and then on signing, we found out that you can get flood insurance,” said Hughes.

The flooding he experiences every time it rains has caused various and costly problems.

“I have had cracked ceilings due to the house – yes, settling, but also cause the ground has never dried underneath – and also the house was completely under water when they built the structure first,” Hughes said. “So the whole bottom of house stayed in sitting water for months. I got those pictures from neighbors after I moved in…After Christmas they had to replace my whole kitchen floor due to cracking under the fridge of the whole floor from where house was not setting right.”

He added that water “gets under my house and stays in my yard for weeks to months.”

“I have had a water pump from my work going for two weeks straight now and still have water in my yard,” Hughes said.

Other residents in the area have battled similar issues, he added.

He has tried contacting the codes department regarding this issue but has not received a response, said Hughes.

The Times reached out to city officials. According to the codes department, the document showing the lot was not at high risk for flooding was issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the city had no control over it.

Additionally, city officials are working to solve the problem as best they can.

This story will be updated if city officials make any additional comments.

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