Manchester schools dismiss liquor by the drink suit against Tullahoma

Manchester City Schools Board of Education voted to drop an ongoing arbitration from 2015 against the City of Tullahoma concerning liquor by the drink tax monies.

According to a letter from Board Attorney Clifton Miller received by the school Aug. 12 and distributed during Tuesday’s board meeting, similar suits have had constitutional challenges in Davidson County.

“As a result of the Tennessee Supreme Court’s decision in (this matter), I am recommending that the (board) vote to dismiss its arbitration against the City of Tullahoma,” Miller wrote.

According to the letter, five other school systems in Tennessee filed their claims for liquor by the drink revenues in court rather than in arbitration. These five litigations proceeded to a final conclusion in their courts and into various courts of appeals before reaching the state Supreme Court.

The Manchester Board of Education chose to pause the arbitration pending the outcome of the challenges. The matter has been dormant for the last 3-4 years.

In the spring of this year, the five litigations were heard by the Supreme Court. It decided in all five cases against the school systems, the letter summarized. This ruling will control the two outstanding arbitrations.

The board unanimously voted to dismiss the litigation.   


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