Men in black to protect Coffee County

Coffee County Sheriff Chad Partin shows the new uniforms that will soon be provided to employees of the sheriff’s department.

All employees of the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department will soon have new uniforms.

Black pants and black shirts with gold buttons will replace the current uniform of black pants and gray shirts. Black hats and patent leather shoes will complete the attire.

“Every employee will have a new uniform,” said Coffee County Sheriff Chad Partin.

Each corrections officer will be provided one new uniform. About 65 corrections officers work at the jail.

“We are going to give them one uniform for ceremonial (purposes) and court,” Partin said.

Each patrol officer will receive several sets of the new clothing.

“They will have more than one uniform because they are the ones really wearing them, so they will have a couple of uniforms they can swap out,” Partin said.

The material for the new clothing will be poly wool “which is really good,” said Partin.

Gold buttons will adorn the shirts, and patent leather shoes will complete the look.  

“The hats will be black, and the look is going to be totally different,” he said.


Covering the cost

“What’s neat about this is the way we’re going to pay for the uniforms,” Partin said.

The total cost nears $70,000.

“It is going to be paid for by surplus military equipment,” he said. “We can requisition equipment from the military as surplus equipment. We can bring it and use it for one year, and after one year we can sell it and use the proceeds. So we sold a lot of military equipment.”

That arrangement helps the military dispose of unused equipment by giving it to law enforcement to utilize and then sell.

Selling the equipment, the department will see new uniforms without dipping into the budget.

Partin said he’s looking forward to seeing his team representing the department with the new look.

“Our uniforms have gotten really faded over the years,” he said.

The new outfits will help improve the image of the department, while at the same time enhance the trust in law enforcement, added Partin.

“It can be a morale booster,” he said. “As a sheriff, I want to make sure our folks look as professional as possible when they are representing Coffee County and the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department.

“Law enforcement today has gotten too combative-looking. We deal with combative people all the time, but when we come in combative, we are going to get a combative reaction. I want to put us back to what we were all trained to be – a proper person wearing a proper uniform.”

He hopes the uniforms will be purchased soon.  

“I hope to have them by the end of the year,” he said. “We are going to do it in phases. I am going to try to get the patrol done first. We have measured and fitted everybody, and I want to make sure we have everybody’s size. I want them to look good. When a deputy of Coffee County gets out of the car, I want people to know that’s someone with Coffee County Sheriff’s Department. I want people to know the difference, and they’ll see the difference.”

All employees are excited about the change, according to Partin.

“It’s time to change the look,” he said.

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