Four new cottages at Blue Monarch will soon be completed and will help the organization support more local women battling addiction.

Blue Monarch is a residential recovery program in rural Coffee County with the stated goal of “helping mothers who are struggling with addiction to find healing and to restore their lives through Christian values.”

Work on the new homes began several months ago.

“We began construction in March, but got very delayed because of all the rain,” said Susan Binkley, founder of Blue Monarch.

The new homes will be beautiful and cozy, said Binkley.

 “It has always been important to us for our residents to have a beautiful home and feel they deserve it,” Binkley said. “We often have new residents cry when they see our property for the first time because they cannot believe anyone would provide something so nice for them.

“Our transitional cottages are no exception. They are colorful, nicely furnished, and have wonderful floor plans. Besides, I often say, ‘Why be ordinary if you can be extraordinary?’ And our cottages are extraordinarily amazing.”

Currently, there are four cottages for Blue Monarch residents.

With the new homes completed, the organization will be able to house and offer help to more women and their children.

Binkley expects the project to be finalized soon.

“We hope to have them completed and furnished by the first of September” Binkley said.

The initiative is possible thanks to the generous donation of a local family and the support of the community.

“We had one family who donated the majority of what we needed,” Binkley said. “We raised the rest ourselves.”

This project is important and helps local women take their first steps to a brighter future.

“Our WINGS (Women In Newly Grounded Success) transitional program for graduates has proven to increase our success rate from 78% to 93%,” Binkley said. “We track the success of our graduates within the first year after they complete our core curriculum, which is a 12-18 month program.”

To track the success, three areas are measured: incarceration, losing custody or visitation rights with their children, and whether participants are attending school or employed, said Binkley.

“By providing the transitional housing for our graduates, with continued support from our staff, the graduates are able to avoid pitfalls and implement the tools they learned at Blue Monarch to be more successful,” she said.

For more information about Blue Monarch, contact Operations Director Kate Cataldo at 931-924-8900 or visit

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