Shawn Luce, left, was apprehended June 19. According to authorities, he could be connected to as many as 70 vehicle burglaries in the Coffee County area. (file photo by Wayne Thomas)

By Wayne Thomas, staff writer Sheriff’s investigators say they are continuing to solve burglaries in the county this week. Shawn Luce, 25, of Florida, was arrested June 19 on charges he fired gunshots in the direction of police as they searched for him the night before on Normandy Road. Last week law enforcement released information that questioning of Luce had led to the alleged solving of 70 burglaries in Tullahoma, Manchester and in rural Coffee County and that the suspect had admitted to the extensive series of crimes. Although police say he has admitted to burglaries, Luce has not been convicted in court of any of them and by law is innocent until found guilty. Sheriff Steve Graves said Tuesday, however, that the suspect has provided additional information about six more burglaries that occurred in several parts of the county. “He continues to provide information about burglaries,” Graves said. Luce thus far has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of unlawful possession of a weapon, reckless endangerment, theft of property and resisting stop, frisk, halt, search. He is being held under $300,000 bond after allegedly firing at least nine shots in the direction of police officers who were originally answering a domestic violence call on Normandy Road in which Luce was involved. He was captured the next day in an area off Normandy Road. According to Manchester Police Department investigator Jackie Matheny, Luce has told police about the burglaries to “get it over with.” Matheny said the man told him he “doesn’t want something coming back on him that he has done when he goes to jail.” According to Matheny, Luce said he and his girlfriend did not have a place to stay and that they broke into cars, “sold guns and took whatever change and cash they could find to pay for a motel room to stay in.” According to Coffee County Sheriff’s Department investigator James Sherrill, authorities have picked Luce up at the jail, driven him around the county and that he has shown them the areas he has burglarized. “He points out places that he’s been and broken into and places that he hasn’t,” Tullahoma police investigator Tyler Hatfield said. While 70 burglaries is a lot, Hatfield said there are other unsolved burglaries at this point that Luce has not been linked to. “But the number of burglaries we had were just going to continue to rise as long as he was out of jail,” Hatfield said. Luce is facing additional charges in connection with the burglaries; those charges will be filed later. He also faces burglary charges in Franklin and Bedford counties, as well.