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The “outside of the box” ‘80s and ‘90s tribute band Rubiks Groove is coming to Manchester. The band promises an interactive experience to get adults dancing and having fun. They will be playing on Feb. 16 in Church @117.

Get your groove on, Manchester. A popular ‘80s and ‘90s tribute band is coming to the Church @117 on Feb. 16. The musical event is a part of the Downtown Steering Commission’s Downtown Revival, which will be a series of events planned in the downtown area.

Rubiks Groove is an “outside of the box” tribute band.

“We are basically a high energy interactive band that plays ‘80s and ‘90s music. We wear costumes, play videos that insert the ‘80s and ‘90s from a backdrop – we love entertaining people and getting them involved in the show,” said band member Todd “Johnny” St. John. St. John is known for his karate kid character and is one of the band’s vocalists.

“If you don’t come up to the stage, we will come out to you,” he added. To keep the energy high and to add another element to the show, Rubkis Groove will be hopping into the audience and bringing the music to them – literally. The band has been known to pass around a cowbell during their shows.

Everything, down for the set to their name is a tribute to the music they perform.

Part of the band’s gimmick is colorful costumed characters from the 1980s and 1990s, including well-known pop culture characters such as Bumblebee and RoboCop, which are called “Bill” and “Robo Chops” by the band.

“I would love to tell you it was a well thought out process, but it was a little bit of that, what was available, what looks cool, a lot of trial and error,” St. John said. “Sometimes fan would respond and say and would get every character wrong.”

“We shook every bush to find something that resonated,” he added.

Their costumes aren’t knock-offs either – St. John’s outfit was handmade by the company that made the original Karate Kid Johnny costume.

It isn’t all about looking the part – Rubiks Groove wants their show to be “Disney World for grownups,” St. John said. The band strives to make it a night where adults can relax, let loose and have fun. The costumes play a large part in that.

“I always tell people “they don’t want to see a bunch of guys in their 30s and 40s, they want to see characters and they love that,” St. John said.

Tickets are available at the Manchester Chamber of Commerce and they are limited. For a chance to win a free ticket, bring in a receipt proving you shopped at a local business recently.

Music will begin at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 16

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