‘We are loading our budget with new and big dollar expenses’ but ‘our revenues are lower this year’

Alderman Bill Nickels 

This morning I wrote down several new businesses in our area in response to questions last week about how many new business have located here. It is not comprehensive.

La Quinta, Wash-n-roll (also the other car wash improved to remain competitive.., H2GO laundry and car wash opened and is busy, Common John not only a new business but a new attraction for Manchester, Sir Pizza, (hired 30 people!) Ramsey’s Grill ,Old Shoney’s building has a tenant coming, Mercantile is expanding along with the square in general,  Bites of Europe invested heavily in a new property, New dollar general, The old Don’s supply is thriving, 1.5 million convenience store, All Creatures is building a fantastic building, medical Pavilion is ever expanding adding  a 1.5 million buildout, our hospital is adding four ICU beds. On and on. There are others I have left out. To say nothing has come here is disingenuous at best.

If we are still holding out for  a target or something… only one thing attracts that investment. Roof tops.  And the good, decent people who live under those roofs. And those big box stores have people on payroll searching for new locations 24/7.  Having another booth at retail conferences will only further confuse our citizens and the retailers who attend.  There is no magic that $114,000 will buy.  More people more people. And not to mention on-line shopping. That is  a retail disrupter especially for communities like ours.

Rather, We should pay Acceleration by Design $10,000 to help us identify our potential and develop a plan. And reinvest in our chamber of commerce.  Then see what goals we can set. To spend $114,000 without direction is irresponsible.

To continue government without a City Manager is also irresponsible. The question comes up frequently, How much does THAT cost… I look at a  government with little to no accountability and ask, how much does THAT cost…?

We are so fortunate, Lucky even? That we happen(ed) to have our current mayor, without whom, I shudder to think of the disarray  that would be our government.  Professional guidance is a necessity in any functioning enterprise, and  in a community growing like ours. And there is no local equivalent that can supplant that knowledge and training.

With all due respect to the mayor, and I have plenty, I will be voting no on this budget.