If your body was a computer, how well would it be running? Would it be in low power mode? Is it getting slower and slower to start? Consider these five strategies for improved performance.

Too many files open at the same time? It’s time to delete. Researchers are finding that multi-tasking can be less efficient than doing one task at a time, especially if the tasks are complex. Consider scheduling tasks for separate times, such as alternating home cooked meal days with workout days. No time in the mornings to exercise, get the kids where they need to be and get to work? Maybe you could save time by getting a new, quick-fix hairstyle, or preparing breakfast-to-go. Perhaps you could workout at home instead of going to a gym.

Do you have the latest version of your anti-virus software? A good night’s sleep is vital to being the best version of yourself during the day. So is eating healthy foods, being physical active and keeping stress at a manageable level. If you are often sick, perhaps you need to make a few changes in your daily habits. An ounce of prevention…. saves time and money.

Does your battery need recharging? Don’t wait until you’ve lost power and your body shuts down. Recharge your battery by balancing work and home life. Take a break from the daily grind by going on a vacation, reconnecting with old friends and family, stimulating your mind by taking a class or learning a new skill, or devoting time to your spiritual life.

Are you running too many programs? Maybe it’s time to shut down those unwanted or unneeded. Ask yourself, “What is something I would like to remove from my life that takes up my time and is not of value to me or my family? Do you belong to too many organizations? Are you focusing too much on the past or the future, instead of the present?

Is it time to hit Control-Alt-Delete? Your computer offers several ways to undo what you have done. Give yourself the same options. Ideally, you want to follow through with commitments, but there may be times when you have to admit that a choice you made was not a good one. Cut your losses and back away from it. If you are the type of person who always says “yes” to requests, regardless of the hardship on yourself, maybe it is time to start saying “no.” A simple and sincere, “I’m sorry, but no, I am not available/able to do that right now,” is sufficient.