Little Duck River Greenway

The Little Duck River Greenway is 2.4 miles long and connects Old Stone Fort to the Recreation Center. There is a proposal in place to extend the greenway to the Manchester Coffee County Conference Center. 

The Recreation Commission met on Thursday, March 21 to provide updates on the greenway extension progress and outdoor pool status.

If passersby noticed the outdoor pool was looking dirty, it was because the pump filter and electric box needed replacing. Parks and Recreation Director Bonnie Gamble explained both parts are repaired and the staff has not yet refilled the pool with chlorine. 

“I know it looks really dirty,” Gamble said. “There’s no sense in putting in chlorine now because the second week in April we’re going to drain the pool, pressure wash and clean the outdoor pool and start getting it ready for the summer.”

Staff will have it cleaned and refilled  before it officially opens to the public on Memorial Day weekend.


Greenway extension

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) grant is underway for extending the Little Duck River Greenway to the Bonnaroo Farm.

“A.J., Jason and Jim Gilliam from HFR (Design) walked and flagged the pathway they thought would be easiest engineering-wise, but it was probably the most controversial property-wise,’ Gamble said.

The Parks and Recreation Commission is working to be understanding of property owners’ concerns. They will be reflagging areas to accommodate property owner’s wishes. The department will not enforce eminent domain to get property to run the greenway.

“That’s our goal; trying to be understanding of property owners’ concerns,” Gamble said.

TDOT and HFR Design confirmed the greenway can cross Powers Road. From there, the greenway will skirt property lines and hit the Bonnaroo Farm between the cell tower and the barn.

Gamble added the bike lane will not be extended to Emerson Street – TDOT requires the bike lane to be on both sides of the road and Emerson Street is too narrow for that to happen.

“That will save us some money to put toward other things,” Gamble said.

It will be at least two years before construction begins on this project.

“It’s going to be awesome, but it’s going to take a lot of work,” Gamble said.


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