Report: Individual from Manchester intended to ‘commit acts of violence at the inauguration’

The FBI has received a report “that an individual located in Manchester, Tennessee, who participated in the US Capitol riot intended to return to Washington, DC, on January 20 to disrupt and potentially commit acts of violence at the inauguration,” according to

The news organization reported that ABC News obtained a bulletin earlier this month, and “the FBI offered chilling details from enforcement actions taken since the storming of the U.S. Capitol.”

FBI has been notified that a person in Manchester, Tennessee, participated in the Jan. 6 riot and intended to return to Washington, D.C., on Jan. 20 to potentially commit acts of violence.

"The individual referenced turning phones to airplane mode and using ground travel to accomplish the disruption," the bulletin said.

The document revealed that information was received about a video posted on a website encouraging people to kill senators and Congress members and the poster of the video was identified via social media exploitation, reported.

The video was threatening violence in the capital on Inauguration day, encouraging people to bring guns, reported.

According to Coffee County Sheriff's Department Chief Deputy Frank Watkins, officials with the Federal Bureau of Investigation have not contacted the Coffee County Sheriff’s department.

Sheriff’s department deputies have seen the news reports but have not been notified by federal officials.

“We have not been contacted by federal officials in regards of assisting or identifying anybody,” Watkins said.

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