School Board Appreciation Week is Jan. 24-30

Jan. 24-30 is School Board Appreciation Week in Tennessee. This week helps build awareness and understanding of the vital functions of our locally elected boards of education play in our community. The Coffee County School District is joining public school districts from across the state to celebrate School Board Appreciation Week and honor local board members for their commitment to Coffee County and its children.

School Board spend countless hours studying the issues and regulations and make the tough decisions when called upon to ensure the type of accountability people expect. The key work of school boards is to:

• Create a vision for what the community wants the school district to be and for making student achievement the top priority; • Establish standards for what students will be expected to learn and be able to do;

• Ensure progress is measured to be sure the district’s goals are achieved and students are learning at expected levels;

• Create a safe, orderly climate where students can learn and teachers can teach;

• Form partnerships with others in the community to solve common problems; and

• Focus attention on the need for continuous improvement by questioning, refining and revising issues related to student achievement.

The local school board impacts every student every day in Coffee County by influencing the high-quality education that our children and youth receive. The Coffee County school board shows its commitment to educational excellence and equity – and for that, we are very grateful for their attitude of service. The members serving our district are as follows: Gary Nester (Chairman), Sandra Klonaris (Vice-Chairman), Brett Henley, Pat Barton, Freda Jones, Robert Gilley, and Larry Crabtree.