Colleagues welcomed Roxanne Patton, executive administrative assistant for Coffee County, back to the office after she underwent a surgery.

Patton, who in fact never stopped working, will soon take on her duties at the office full time.

“She underwent a surgery six weeks ago,” Coffee County Mayor Gary Cordell said. “She had a complete hip replacement. She is in rehab, having three treatments a week. She will be back full time in a week or two. She started out with two crutches, graduated to one crutch, and now she’s using a cane. She is coming along very well. I so appreciate the work she does for this office and for the county. I can’t believe how quickly she came back part time. She was doing some of the work from home after the surgery. She’s very supportive and protective of our office and takes pride of her work.”

Cordell added that Patton “does an outstanding job and really enjoys serving people.”

“We have a really great team in county government, and she is a very integral part of that,” Cordell said.   

County Clerk Teresa McFadden wished Patton full and quick recovery. She said Patton is a professional, who’s dedicated to the community.  

“She never stopped working,” McFadden said. “She started to answer phone calls the day after she got out of the hospital.”

Patton has worked for Coffee County government for 17 years, serving four different administrations.

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