Coffee County Sheriff Deputy Larry McKelvey responded to a call of hogs running at large and damaging property on Old Murfreesboro Road on Saturday, Aug. 4. Deputy McKelvey attempted to make contact with anyone at the residence but was unable to locate any subjects on the property.

At approximately 2:45 p.m., Deputy McKelvey again attempted to make contact with the resident. He observed a male walking on the property. The man claimed he was the neighbor’s friend and was there to locate the hogs as well.

As Deputy McKelvey was walking next to a dark green metal building behind the main residence, he noticed the smell of marijuana. Deputy McKelvey called Sergeant Stephen Sharketti to confirmed the scent.

Deputy McKelvey retrieved his K-9 Yoshi from his patrol vehicle. Yoshi indicated a positive alert.

The nearby home was determined to be unoccupied.

Investigator Brandon Reed arrived and he said he also smelled marijuana.

A search warrant was issued and executed. Investigator James Sherrill cut the lock on the building and sheriff personnel entered. Inside the building, officers located three grow rooms, one with 33 marijuana plants, grow lights, 20-inch circulation fans, water lines, sifting screens, electronic scales, fertilizers, PH chemicals, black plastic plant containers, intricate electric panels, transformers and a humidity trough. The rooms were lined with foam insulation, sealed joints and air intake ducts.

Sergeant Sharketti located a one-gallon sprayer and an oil extract, a natural organic pest control product consistent with marijuana grow operations.

The marijuana plants were secured and transported to the Coffee County Sheriff's Department and submitted to evidence. Other items associated with the marijuana grow were inventoried, transported and secured. 

In plain view inside the building was a Chevy Camero. The vehicle was also seized.

Sheriff Steve Graves said he was really proud of McKelvey’s response.

Sharketti added, “If you smell it, investigate it.”

The street value of the marijuana is valued at over $100,000.

No arrests have been made and the investigation is continuing.