skate park

The skate park will be getting a makeover in the next few months, thanks to the Parks and Recreation Commission, who approved the project, and DMA-events, the group that will be commissioning the murals. 

The Parks and Recreation Commission met on Thursday, Jan. 10 and discussed work on the greenway, including murals and redoing or cleaning wooden platforms.

Greenway projects will vary this year as the city and recreation commission move forward with extending it to the Manchester-Coffee County Conference Center and the Highway 41 bike lane all the way to the Bonnaroo farm.

The greenway section near Dave King Park gets slippery when wet, therefore the commission is looking to either get it cleaned off or paint it with grit to make it safer.

In terms of art, Gamble is nearly done with a placemaking grant for $8,000. The money would be used to add art along the greenway and create the Little Duck River Greenway Art Walk.

“The whole thing, I think this is unique that we’re combining the visual arts with nature appreciation,” Gamble said.

Gamble is working with DMA-events founders Scott van Velsor and Kristin Luna to create the “corridor of art,” as Gamble called it.

Existing art along the greenway, which was created by DMA-events, includes the American Eel and the Dragonfly near Rotary Park.

The commission also gave van Velsor and Luna permission to paint the back of the batter’s eye, which is the a solid-colored board beyond the center field wall of Fred Deadman Park. The back of it faces the greenway and has exposed wood.

The duo plan to paint it as a color block collage, meaning there will be blocks of solid color making a pattern. They hope it will add aesthetic appeal to the area and will give greenway goers another place to take pictures in front of. They will do this at no cost to the city.


Skate park mural

Manchester’s Skate Park is located down the road from the Recreation Complex. Van Velsor and Luna turned their sights to this area for their next big art project. They have Nashville-based artists in mind, one of which has painted a skate park before. The art will not be traditional and will lean toward professional freehand graffiti to match the vibe of a skate park.

The art will be on the deck and in the bowl, above the water line. The large bowl has a drainage problem where water will pool in the bottom and would quickly ruin the paint. Outside of that, the artists are fine with their work being torn up from the skaters going over it.

The new murals will not have profanity or drug culture and will be in line with city code.

Van Velsor and Luna hope to have it done before summer, with a soft deadline set to get it completed before spring break at the end of March.


Other news

The recreation commission is holding a contest to name the city’s dog park. The deadline for this contest is Jan. 18.

The dog park has is hesitant opening date and time on March 23 at 10 a.m.

On March 17, the recreation commission will be holding “Greening the Park,” a community-wide tree planting event to fulfill a grant. More information will be available closer to the date.

The Boyd House renovations are nearing completion. The kitchen has been expanded, an 8-burner stovetop, new refrigerator, freezer, sink and floors have been installed. The room has been painted as well. All that is needed are prep tables on wheels. The space will be used for the bicycle club and other programs to promote healthy eating and food preparation habits.

The house is located on the soccer field complex, next to the future dog park.

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