Pictured from left are Katy Riddle, Executive Director of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce; BJ Sylvia, Family Resource Center, Manchester City Schools; Dr. Joey Vaughn, Director of Manchester City Schools; Leslie Brasfield, Coordinated School Health, Manchester City Schools; Gina Bumbalough, Coordinated School Health, Tullahoma City Schools; Carrie Davis, Family Resource Center and Coffee County Schools Dr. Charles Lawson, Director of Coffee County Schools;

The Sportsmen and Businessmen Charitable Organization (SBCO) donated $17,000 to Coffee County and Manchester City Schools' Family Resource Center and Tullahoma City Schools' Coordinated School Health.
"It is a mission of SBCO's to support programs that directly assist the children in our community. We are proud to contribute to Coffee County Schools' Family Resource Center's 'Invest in the Best' program, Manchester City Schools' Family Resource Center's 'WeCare' program, and Tullahoma City Schools' Coordinated School Health. Each of their programs are outstanding student support initiatives that continually address the barriers hindering the social, personal, physical, and academic wellbeing of students," said Carter Sain, SBCO President.
The Sportsmen and Businessmen's Charitable Organization has been serving the Coffee County community for 38 years.