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The Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program will be conducted again in 2020-2021 with an October sign up period. Cost share opportunities include: cattle genetics, goats/sheep genetics, livestock equipment, livestock solutions, herd health and working facility structures (cattle, goat and sheep producers), hay storage (cattle, goat, sheep and hay producers), livestock solutions (cattle, goat, sheep and swine producers), row crop solutions (grain bins, portable bagging system, grain vacuum and transport auger, no till drills) and producer diversification.

Producers may apply for cost share funds to purchase eligible bred beef replacement heifers through the genetics section of the Agricultural Enhancement Program.  Also, if the bull you purchase through the program has genomic enhanced EPD’s you can get up to $1600 in reimbursement. Obtain a 2020 Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program Application for more details on this program. We have applications available at our UT-TSU Extension Office – Coffee County.

Producers may apply for TAEP Cost Share Funds online! Go www.tngov/taep during the application period of October 1-7 to complete your application. Instructions for completing your online application are found on the application. Genetics, Livestock Equipment, Hay Storage, Livestock Feed Storage and Grain Storage cost share requests will be approved based on applicant determined priority levels. A maximum reimbursement amount per square foot has been established for hay barns. See the application for details.

We have the new applications for the 2020-2021 cost share program in our office. The application has also distributed at agribusinesses throughout the county. The application has detailed information on these programs. Visit our office to get your application. Applications can also be obtained from the website www.TN.gov/agriculture/enhancement.  Be sure to read the application carefully and follow the directions when you apply for cost share funds.  Applications will be accepted Oct. 1-7. Obtain your application, complete the online application beginning Oct. 1 or return your paper application to our U.T. Extension-Coffee County by Oct. 1 or mail it to the Tennessee Department of Agriculture between October 1 and October 7, the sooner the better. The deadline for applications is Oct. 7.

Producers can call 1-800-342-8206 and follow prompts to get updates on specific cost share programs as well as direct contact information for the individual program. I would like to encourage all Coffee County cattle and grain producers to apply for cost share funds this year.

Remember, you must have a current B.Q.A certification to apply for Agricultural Enhancement Cost Share Programs related to beef cattle production! Beef Quality Assurance expires after 3 years. Check your card to make sure your B.Q.A. Certification has not expired. If it has, you will need to get re-certified. Visit our office or call us at 723-5141 to learn more about making sure your B.Q.A. certification has not expired and getting re-certified! Call or visit our office for more information on the Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program.

B.Q.A. Certification Trainings

We will conduct Beef Quality Assurance certification training sessions on Thursday, September, 17 at 9:30 a.m., Monday Sept. 21 at 7 p.m. and Thursday, Oct. 1 at 7 p.m. in the Community Meeting Room located in the Coffee Administrative Plaza. Each of these classes will give cattle producers the opportunity to become B.Q.A certified or recertified. If your card has expired or will expire by Oct. 1, 2020, you will need to get re-certified. If you attend one of these classes and pay the fee, you will get a B.Q.A. card that does not expire until Nov. 1, 2023.

Remember, you must have a B.Q.A certification that has not expired in order apply for cost share funds for livestock equipment, working facility structures, livestock solutions, hay equipment, herd health or genetic improvement through the Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program.

The cost is $20 for Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association members and $40 for non-members. Producers can get B.Q. A. certification, become Coffee/Grundy County and Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association members for $60. Checks should be made to the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association. Participants must call our office UT/TSU Extension Office – Coffee County at 723-5141 the day prior to the morning class and by noon the day of evening classes to reserve their seat for evening classes.





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