Red Cross

As of Friday, Sept. 11, the American Red Cross of the Tennessee Region has deployed 69 volunteers to respond to disasters since Hurricane Laura made landfall in August. Currently have 55 actively deployed in response to both the wildfires out west and the recovery efforts still going on in Louisiana and Texas.

Some of our volunteers are responding virtually, while others have been sent to respond in person.

“We are committed to providing hope to our neighbors in need, both in Tennessee and nationwide during this challenging time,” said Joel Sullivan, regional executive director for American Red Cross of Tennessee Region. “The need is great for volunteers and for donors in this response. COVID-19 has completely changed the way we provide disaster assistance. It is costly, and the way we shelter clients and feed has added extra safety precautions. We are fully committed to providing safe shelter for both our clients and our volunteers and staff.”

With more storms predicted in the coming weeks, and the rise in wildfires in Oregon and California, the Tennessee Region is continuing to plan for volunteer response. We appreciate your coverage of our staff and volunteers’ response and telling the stories of those who have been affected by disaster.

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