Crime story

A Manchester man accused of domestic assault allegedly texted his wife not to talk to the police who were responding to a call for domestic violence.

According to the police report, Manchester Police responded to a Shelton Road incident involving a domestic violence situation (names withheld to avoid identifying the victim). 

When officers arrived they found a couple that had been arguing. The male indicated to police that nothing physical had happed and the argument was verbal only.

Officers observed some discoloration on the female’s person. She advised officers that she was afraid for her life if the male were left at the scene.

Police indicated in the report that they had determined the male to be the primary aggressor and took him into custody for domestic assault. He would later tell officers that the female had pushed him, but he didn’t want to her into trouble.

According to police, messages had been sent from the male while police were on the scene instructing the female not to say anything to police and not to send him to jail. The male gave police permission to look at the alleged messages.