The high school receives complaints about charging for parking

With Coffee County Central High School receiving complaints every year about charging for student parking, school officials remind locals about the importance of purchasing parking permits.

The permits cost $20 and they allow students to park on campus for the entire school year. The collected fees help maintain the parking area.

Though the high school has collected parking fees for decades, every year there are residents complaining about the school charging for parking.

“The permits cost $20 for the school year,” said Principal Paul Parsley. “We started selling the permits the last week of August. And, as students (reach) driving age, they can purchase a permit the entire school year. But you should not be parking at the parking lot without a parking permit at this point. Everyone is supposed to have one.”

The permit allows students to park anywhere at the student parking lot.

Schools have collected parking fees for many years.

“Every public high school I know charges for permits,” Parsley said.

The permits vary in price, with Warren County charging $35, he said.

The funds collected from the parking fees help maintain the school’s parking areas.

“For us, (the funds help purchase and upkeep) security cameras at the parking lot, trashcans in the parking lot, relining the parking lot,” Parsley said.

“It takes multiple years of (collecting) parking permit fees to accumulate money to reseal the parking lot. If you don’t reseal it, it deteriorates and you have cracks on it, grass grows on it, and it crumbles apart. We have to do that every so often. And one year of parking lot fees is not enough to take care of it. It takes several years to accumulate money for that.”