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New aldermen Mark Messick (left), Marilyn Howard and Bill Nickels take the oath of office. They will be serving on the Board of Mayor and Aldermen for the next four years.

Three aldermen were sworn in to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen on Monday, Aug. 27.

Bill Nickels, Marilyn Howard and Mark Messick are all honored to have been elected on Aug. 2. There are six aldermen in Manchester. The three join Vice Mayor Ryan French, Chris Elam and Bob Bellamy.

“It’s a great responsibility,” said Nickels. “It’s been entrusted on us and we all three are, I’m speaking for everybody, really happy to do our part and work with everybody – the citizens and the employees of Manchester alike.”

Each have similar goals they’d like to tackle as soon as possible.

“I’ve got two things; I want to hire somebody to recruit industry for us and I want to pay them out of the tourism budget and make them serve out the will of the Board of the Mayor and Aldermen and I want to get to the bottom of and help straighten out the conference center problem,” Messick said.

“That’s my two things.”

Howard agreed with Messick that hiring a person to recruit industry would be the best way to go. She also wants to get to know every department head well to find out what it going on in the city.

Nickels wants to look at the city budgets to ensure they are fiscally responsible and not taking too much out of the reserve funds to balance deficits.

Each of them are ready to hit the ground running and vowed to work to represent the people who elected them.

“Very humbled and grateful that the voters would entrust me and all of us with this awesome responsibility,” Howard said. “I promise to always serve with fully my heart in it and they can trust me that I will serve with integrity. I will also, no matter what group I serve with, I’ll work hard to always work with my fellow people on the committee. I will work hard. If they disagree, then I will honor their decision and I promise to do that. I promise to always keep my faith entrusted and ask for prayer that we all stay connected to the Lord and he leads us.”


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Casey recently joined the Manchester Times team in March 2018. Coming off a 17-month reporter stint in Port Chester, NY, she is looking forward to slowing down and integrating herself into the community. She currently resides in Manchester.

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