Simple options make healthy fun

TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensible) Club, Inc. is a worldwide organization founded by Mrs. Esther Manz in 1948. Two other ladies gathered around her kitchen table in Milwaukee with the desire to support each other to thinner figures and better health.

The Manchester TOPS chapter #0145 was organized April 30, 1971 by a group of ladies wanting to improve the quality of their health and to lose weight.  Our chapter was formed when Easter Manz was living. Our original charter is signed by Easter. Our chapter has been presented with our 50 year certificate from TOP Club, Inc., Milwaukee, Wis.

TOPS meets each Thursday at the First Church of the Nazarene, 1419 McArthur Street, Manchester at 4 p.m. for weigh in, meeting starts at 5 p.m. The mission of this chapter is to help and support members' efforts to lose weight and keep it off sensible. The group encourages each other to follow sound nutrition and exercise plans to reach weight goals set by their healthcare professionals.

TOPS is not about diet or selling a food plan. You may log in at for more information. You choose the changes that work for you and your timetable. This has been proven effective in university studies. We welcome new members to join the journey to better health and supported by other members sharing similar journeys.

TOPS is very affordable, $32 per year membership plus our local dues are nominal, only $26 per year.

By weighing each week this gives us that accountability we all need. Weekly confidential weigh-ins provides personal accountability and a progress record. A weekly program on the importance of nutritional balance, portion control, regular physical activity, behavior change, and stress management in achieving weight loss and better health are provided at our chapter meetings.

Our members are recognized and awarded for eating healthy, exercising, as well as achieving and maintaining weight loss.

TOPS Club, Inc. provides each member with a bi- monthly magazine about healthy  lifestyles, recipes, health issues, and stories of success from other members.  TOPS is a family friendly organization. The entire family may become members, from the age of 7 through the age of 17 are encouraged to join. TOPS is comprised or men, women, and children.

 TOPS does not have a ridged diet program, we have a nutritional book, The Real Life, which may be purchased, and this will help you choose what you want on a  daily basis to achieve your desired weight. We have several members that have been with our chapter for more than 40  years. Frances Simmons has been a member for 49 years; Lois Holmes has been a  member 45 years. Our chapter wants to continue seeing others inspired, give encouragement as we attend a weekly meeting. Our other members are Juanita Banks, Catherine Beavers, Colette Chaffin, Wilma Clinedinst, Annette and Kenneth Crawford, Billie Earls, Priscilla Hartsfield, James and Ruby Henderson, Sandra  Patterson, Roberta Rowe, Shelby Trout, and Kathy Walsh.

 For more information regarding our club please call our leader, Annette Crawford  931-224-2237 or our treasurer Frances Simmons 931-728-4593.