Trustee and Register of Deeds dragging feet, budget officials say

Some Coffee County offices are choosing not to comply with requests for information.

During the Jan. 7 Budget and Finance meeting committee member Dwight Miller asked if all the departments they’ve been waiting on have sent in their information to them the upcoming budget.

Committee member Lynn Sebourn said they have not heard back from the Coffee County Trustee and Register of Deed’s office after officially requesting the information. 

“Everyone’s has cooperated and provided us their information except for these two elected officials’ offices and I like to know why,” said committee member Bobby Bryan.

Bryan said not providing the information creates skepticism and concerns about why they have not provided the information. He continued saying it is a reflection of not being transparent and providing information that is already public information to start with.

From the December meeting, the Budget and Finance committee, along with the Personal and Compensation committee, asked Mayor Gary Cordell to submit letters to the offices, requesting the information.

Bryan said he is not interested in pursuing employee compensation until the offices have submitted the information to them. Sebourn said he wants the information too but he doesn’t want to hold up every other department. Miller it is delaying the preliminary budget for him.

Bryan said he wants a member of human resources to obtain the information from the offices, which includes employees they brought in, the grading steps to bring them in, what qualifications they had to bring them in, and job descriptions since taking office.

“We told them what information we needed but they have been uncooperative and unwilling to present it to us.” Bryan noted.

Sebourn pointed out the committee does have previous budget bylines to work with if they do not get the information requested from the offices.

When asked about the letters from committee members, Cordell said he wrote and sent a letter to each department after the December meeting. Cordell said he did have a discussion with one of the offices on Dec. 31 and was told they did not want to comply with the request.

When asked what the reason was, he said he couldn’t say for the time being.

The Times reached out the trustee and register of deeds; however, they didn’t comment at this time.

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