Two Manchester residents were arrested Sunday after a number of items used in the production of methamphetamines were found at their residence located on Ingram Street. Justin Cole Wiley, 31, and Stephanie Leah Gilliam, 30, both of Ingram Street, were charged with initiation of the process to manufacture methamphetamines and are being held under a $50,000 bond. The arrest was made after Manchester Police Officer Tyler Hickerson received information that Wiley had made several purchases of Pseudoephedrine products. When the officer went to the residence, Wiley admitted to making the purchases but said that he had “had a bad cold and sinus pressure and swollen eyes” and that he could not find a product that worked for him. Hickerson was granted permission to search the residence by Wiley. Hickerson also gained permission from the owner of the property to search an outside garage. The owner of the property stated that he had seen Muriatic acid in the garage. Also in the garage were a propane tank, hoses and filters used in meth production. Wiley told officers that he used those products in his racecars. But he later stated that someone else had been cooking meth behind the garage and that bottles could be found back there. While Hickerson was talking with Wiley other officers searched the bedrooms of Gilliam and Wiley where they found numerous items used in the production of meth. Wiley and Gilliam told the officers that other individuals had been cooking meth in the garage and that if they didn’t the individuals would hurt Gilliam and Wiley’s children. In addition to the meth producing items seized at the residence police also seized five cell phones, which they allege are for evidence “with drug traffic on the phones.” They are to appear in Coffee County General Sessions Court Nov. 12.