Unity Medical Center is unveiling its new intensive care unit that opened on June 1. This is the only ICU facility in Manchester.

Unity CEO Martha McCormick said that “Historically, there has not been one here since 1984.”

McCormick said that the four-bed will bring back a critical service back to Manchester. 

“We have refurbished the (unit) to bring the service back. We were having issues transferring patients and patients that wanted to stay home. We’ve worked with TriStar and their specialist to be able to keep those patients here,” McCormick said.

Two of the rooms are negative pressure rooms. There are also advanced cardiology and pulmonary robotics systems in use, as well as state of the art monitors.

Chairman of the Unity board Bappa Mukherji said that the upgrades were just shy of a $1 million dollar investment.      

“We will be able to significantly increase the acuity of the patients. We will be able to keep a lot of patients that we usually send to other hospitals,” he said.

As of the soft opening held Thursday, Unity has received final approval.

Mukherji, who has been with the hospital since 2002 when the old Coffee Medical Center was purchased, said this is an exciting step for the care of patients in Manchester.

“Manchester hasn’t had an ICU in decades and being able to bring this back is very exciting not just for us as administration, but for the clinical staff, doctors and surgeons,” he said.

Clinical Nursing Officer Kenneth Ware explained that the unit will keep post-op surgical patients, patients that have certain repertory ailments that would normally needed transferrin ­– it will include a lot of different serious that this will certainly stop patients from having to go 70 miles down the road,” he said.

  “Everything in this room is as good as you can get,” he said.




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