At 9 p.m. on July 4, the annual fireworks display offered a colorful show to viewers Manchester. People from all over the county showed up to take in the display that was a welcome return to normalcy with so many other events being cancelled due to the pandemic.

“It’s great that the fireworks show was able to be put on this year,” Manchester resident Michael Gadeken said. “A lot of the other counties cancelled their celebrations.”

The Fourth of July holiday is one of the most important days for citizens.   

“The Fourth means a lot to our family,” Patty Gadeken said. “We have multiple family members that have served in the military and my grandson, Daryn, is a K-9 officer for the city.”

Locals enjoyed the show.  

“The fireworks are some of the best we’ve seen,” the Gadekens said. “We have been all over the world and the fireworks here always stand out to us. This year’s fireworks were some of the best we’ve seen.”

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