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District Attorney General Craig Northcott 

District Attorney Craig Northcott has issued a statement concerning the family of the victim of the Sept. 13 carjacking.

He prefaces the letter by saying, “Jordan Stephens' wife and family wish to thank everyone for their support. Please see the attached statement that I did at their request. Please share it so that all that have helped will see it. Thank you for your assistance with this,” Northcott wrote.

A transcription of the letter follows:


Dear Citizens of Coffee County and Others Concerned:


In conducting and concluding my investigation of the horrible events which occurred on September 13,  2020, I met with Aileen Stevens, her family and the family of Jordan Stevens. To a person, they each showed remarkable grace, dignity, strength and faith. I was overwhelmed by their ability to rely on the Lord's peace in the most tragic of situations. They requested that I assist them in a few things, which I now try to do.

 First, they want to thank everyone near and far for their kind and comforting words and actions. They thank everyone for the prayers for their peace and recovery. I can testify that those prayers and acts of kindness and compassion have had their desired effect to the greatest extent possible given the circumstances.

 Second, they asked me to clarify a few facts that have been misconstrued or misreported over the past month. Specifically, it is important for them to clarify that Jordan was killed in a field in Coffee County.

 He was not killed in the vehicle and dumped on the side of the road. He died by sacrificing himself upon the promise that no harm would come to his wife and their unborn child. In short, he died a hero.

 While clarifying facts, in my initial statement, I indicated that the evildoer exited the vehicle after wrecking it and then shot himself. This was incorrect. He never left the vehicle before shooting himself. I  apologize for my mistake.  

Third, the family is beyond words to express their gratitude for the number of people who have given money and gifts for Jordan and Aileen's child. The generosity shown will assist greatly in the life of this  precious child who will be born in a few short months. It proves that there is still good in the world and that this community and Country still come together to help each other when most needed.

 In conclusion, I want to join the family in expressing my appreciation for each of you as well. I would also ask that you continue to pray for this family and the other victims of these events as the healing is a lifetime process. I would further ask that you continue to respect their privacy as they move forward.

 District Attorney

Craig Northcott

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