Be Well, Stay Well: New Year Wellness Check

(BPT) - Taking care of ourselves and each other is critical at any age. A 2022 survey of members by AARP Services confirmed that adults 50-plus share that sentiment. Seventy-one percent agreed with the statement, "My health is my biggest concern," while 89% agreed with the statement, "Taking care of my family is my first priority."

Despite considering it important, though, the pandemic led many to fall behind on regular check-ups. In a Feb. 12-17, 2021 TIME-Harris Poll survey, 78% of respondents reported they had put off at least some medical services during the previous three months. It is likely these appointments seemed non-critical at the time, especially relative to the risk of exposure to more serious illness, but continually neglecting them can lead to other, more significant issues down the road.

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