Putting paint to canvas is easier that it seems.

1)      “Just get started,” says local artist Lynn Anthony.

Anthony was on vacation and visited a museum featuring her favorite artist.

“I came home and ordered some canvas online…and a kit of simple paints,” Anthony said.

2)      Paint what you love. Antony said you’ll be the best at painting subjects that interest you.

For her that was her dog. Wherever your passions lie, that’s what you should paint.

3)      Start with the basics. Don’t go all out with supplies. Order a basic kit of paint to begin with. Liquitex and Master’s Touch are two great brands Anthony suggests.

4)     Keep an artist journal. Anthony said that she keeps a small sketch pad at hand. Doodle around in your spare time. The practice will help get budding artists better and keep a record of ideas. 

5)      Take a class. For about $25 a beginner can take an intro to painting class with supplies included. These fun, friendly classes give step-by-step instruction on how to do a specific painting from printout.

“Look at an image, trace it out and get started,” Anthony said.

6)     Don’t be afraid. Anthony said that the biggest limitation to creativity is fear.

“So many people say, I’m going to suck at this and don’t try it,” she said.

“There’re no wrong answers in art. I’ve gone to Paris...to the Louvre…and what we call a masterpiece is typically not perfect. It’s just something that strikes a chord with people.”

Anthony says, “Just get started, don’t be afraid. Do what you love.”

Anthony has been paining exclusively for the last five years, she paints mostly in acrylic and dabbles in water colors, oil and mixed medium. Her tastes trend toward whimsical, colorful and fun.

She offers classes at Beans Creek Winery, Mayday Brewery in Murfreesboro and returning in March she will offer classes Monday nights at Praters BBQ.

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