Each morning Kountry Vittles Baked Goods’ owner Molly Cornelision goes to the kitchen to whip up some of her desserts. Cornelision has a history of chronic strokes, and since the first big heart event, baking early each morning keeps her centered for the day.

 “I’ve had, combined, 19 strokes in two years. Four landed me in the hospital,” Cornelision said.

“After the first big one it took me about a week to understand how to put the recipe together again. I’ve learned that if I get up in the morning, I have a great day. If I don’t bake, I struggle all day. Nothing makes sense,” Cornelision said.

“As long as my health holds out, I’m going to bake. I have a son to raise,” she said.  

“I start at 4 o’clock in the morning. I can make about $200-worth. I keep it simple. I don’t want to get too big. I focus on the important things in life,” she said.

These treats are made from scratch. “It takes time, but it tastes so much better than some the quickie things,” she said.

“Because of all the strokes, I can’t work a 9-5 job. I’m old fashioned and I believe in making a living. 

Cornelision started with a restaurant south of Manchester, but due to her declining heath, she had to close its doors. But people really loved the desserts. Cornelision began baking treats and bagging them into dollar-sized portions and peddling them around town.

She has dedicated customers, like area nursing homes, that have a standing order for the residents.

“I make pies, cakes cookies and specialty cakes,” Cornelision said.

For Valentine’s Day, Cornelision sells strawberries covered in a special chocolate blend all her own.

Everybody loves the chocolate covered strawberries. They’re $10 a dozen. And also come in white and dark chocolate.

Also Cornelision offers a unique stay-soft sugar cookies and a three layer strawberry cake plus buttercream frosted cupcakes.   

“The stay-soft sugar cookies are a big seller all year round. Everybody loves them. They’re addictive. It’s an old German recipe of my grandmothers.”

Find Kountry Vittles on Facebook or at 931-635-1128 to place an order.

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