Boys Basketball tryouts

Coach Micah Williams explains a drill during tryouts.

The CCHS Boys Basketball team prepared for the 2020 season from May 26-May 28. Tryouts were held in groups of ten testing the core skills that are necessary to play at the high school level. Ball handling and shooting were tested as well as the hopeful players’ ability to move without the ball and play defense. The tryout culminated in each group being split into two teams to evaluate teamwork and competitiveness.

 “It feels great to be back in the gym,” Coach Micah Williams said. “We have 40 kids trying out that we separate out into four groups of ten.

“This is the hardest part of the job because we only have between 25-26 roster spots so we cannot keep everyone that tried out. We try to let the freshman have a few different looks so that they can have a fair shot, but we cannot keep evaluating after Thursday. We have seven seniors returning for the 2020 season and they are ready for the season to begin.”

One hopeful applicant was Jackson Thompson.

“I love basketball and have always wanted to play it as a career,” Thompson said. “I played football during my eighth-grade year but decided that I would rather play basketball. It feels great to be able to play on a court again with other people, rather than practicing at home.”

The roster was not available at the time of this writing.

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