CCMS sweeps West after inclement weather

Natalie Barnes takes the ball up the court. Barnes has turned into a prolific scorer for the Lady Raiders and has been one of the key reasons the team is now 16-2.

Both the Lady Raiders and Red Raiders made quick work of visiting West Tullahoma. The Lady Raiders pummeled the in-county rival 59-18, while the Red Raiders had a defensive stand resulting in a 30-20 victory.

                The Lady Raiders have been outstanding on the court this season blowing out teams and scoring a ton of points in the process. The 59-18 victory over West is just another in a long line of victories for the Lady Raiders this season. Ella Arnold was the leading scorer for the Lady Raiders scoring 26 points. Arnold was joined by Natalie Barnes who also broke the 20-point mark with 21. With scoring like that, its no wonder the Lady Raiders are 9-1 in conference play.

                The Red Raiders weren’t as dominate in their win, but the team was able to reverse a three-game losing streak that had plagued them since before Christmas break. The Red Raiders held West to only three points in the third quarter after conquering some woes on the offensive end early in the game. Levi Rollman was the leading scorer for the Red Raiders with nine points. Rollman was accompanied by Luke Campbell who had seven.