Celebrity golf tournament has successful turnout

Wayne Buckingham addresses the crowd at the WAB celebrity golf tournament.

WAB Sports held their annual celebrity golf tournament at Willow Brook golf course on June 19. The event raised money for the organization’s various scholarships and future charity events. The event was organized by WAB founder Wayne Buckingham.

In the opening ceremony for the event Buckingham acknowledged the great support of the event and noted there was ample room for everyone to enjoy themselves safely.

“We normally also have a football camp that the children can attend with some of the celebrities, but due to the pandemic we had to postpone it this year,” Buckingham said.

 “We decided to have the event here this year because of the size of the course,” WAB Assistant Elizabeth Barnett said. “Willow Brook is on the PGA tour so many of the participants were familiar with the venue. That may be one of the reasons the turnout was so good this year, people will travel to a known course.”

Some of the celebrities that participated in the event were John Fourcade, former New Orleans Saints quarterback, Donnel Woolford, former pro-bowl defensive back and Clemson coach, and Venus Lacey, former WNBA player and Olympic gold medalist.

 “I was involved with the event last year,” Fourcade said. “I’m involved in quite a few charities back home in New Orleans and all across the country. A friend of mine knew Wayne so he got the two of us in contact, and I’ve been helping ever since. There are a lot of great golfers here, and I am thrilled to be here to help out. Wayne does a fantastic job setting everything up and helping out those that need it.”

 “Wayne and I met at Clemson back in the day,” Woolford said. “He played basketball while I played football, but we kept in touch. We both love to give back to the community through charity and volunteering, so it’s my pleasure to help out with the event.”

Both players were modest when asked who the best golfer of the celebrities in attendance was.

“I’m not as athletic as I used to be,” Fourcade said. “A couple of injuries and surgeries will do that to you. That said I’ve always been told that quarterbacks and punters make the best golfers.”

 “It probably isn’t me,” Woolford said. “I am pretty good at putting though. I told my team that if you get us close, I can clench it for us on the green.”

From what was seen on the course neither athlete had any trouble holding their own. The drives were long and accurate, while the putting and midrange shots were precise with just the right amount of touch.

As of the time of this writing the winner of the tournament was unavailable, however multiple WAB sources say that this was one of the best years.

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