The Manchester summer league continued with a matchup between the Christiana Braves and the Manchester Braves on June 25. The game began with a slow offensive series by both teams. Christiana found some success at the plate with multiple players being able to reach the bases. The Manchester Braves were able to keep Christiana from scoring, however. The team was able to stall every perspective score at second base. Christiana responded with defensive plays of its own keeping all but Manchester Braves player Wyatt Love from scoring.

The second inning saw Christiana finding their rhythm. The team was able to score four runs in the inning before having to hold off the Manchester Braves. Christiana kept the momentum defensively as well. The team was able to throw out two runners before striking out the final batter leaving the score at Christiana 4 and Manchester 1.

The third inning saw both teams ratchet up defensively. Manchester Braves pitcher Jacob Sherrill struck out two Christiana players during the inning while his team played solid base defense at third keeping Christiana from increasing their lead. Manchester could not capitalize on their defensive stand however as Christiana continued to play stifling defense.

The fourth inning continued both teams defensive display. Manchester was able to quickly get back on offense but not before Christiana was able to score a run during the inning. Manchester was unable to find an offensive rhythm in the inning and once again was unable to score putting Christiana at 5 and Manchester at 1.

The final inning saw both teams find their hitting rhythm. Manchester was able to score two runs courtesy of Bage Mircan and Jayden Brewer. It proved too late however as Christiana scored two runs in response ending the game Christiana 7-Manchester- 3.

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