Coffee County Central High School has started preparing for the football matchup against Franklin County. The team has been practicing for over a month now and culminated in a walkthrough on Aug. 14.

Coffee County residents are ready for the season to get underway as they showed up to watch the walkthrough even through the intermittent rain. Tents, chairs, and umbrellas were surrounding the field as everyone from the first team to the freshman squad ran through various scenarios.

Communication on the defense was emphasized, especially the down and distance to the goal as well as the ability to know where the first down marker was. Repetition was stressed as the defense was challenged to continue to make stops even as fourth downs were forced.

“You have to stay dialed in,” one coach explained to his players. “There could have been a defensive foul on the ball and the offense gets to stay out there. You need to make that stop again.”

Offensively the team ran through both long and short yardage situations. This went as far as driving the length of the field to scoring on the goal line. Down and distance was again emphasized as the chain gang traipsed up and down the field. The goal line offense was especially focused on as multiple different plays and scenarios were setup for the offense to overcome.

Special teams also had their reps as kickoffs, punts, and field goals were used repeatedly, though field goals were always directed away from the assortment of onlookers. As with the rest of the walkthrough, the kickoffs and punts were full speed and full contact excluding the quarterback.

The team looked ready for their Friday night matchup.

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